2018 Ford Escape

Ford is one of the largest automotive firms on the planet, which should go without saying. They make nearly everything imaginable, from cargo vans to super cars.

Ford seems to be the only ones who can do what they can do.  Ever since the great Henry Ford founded the company, they have been on the cutting edge of technology and innovation of the automotive industry.

Even with harsh, harsh competition over the years, Ford prevailed and made the people’s car.

Recently, Ford fired their CEO Mark Fields, as his views and vision didn’t align with what the company had a vision for.  This has really shaken things up, but Ford remains strong.

One of Ford’s most popular models ever is the Escape.  A small, versatile SUV that was the kind of nothing, and jack of all trades.

Over the last twenty years, the Ford Escape proved itself as a pure volume car for Ford. They are ever popular, and are exceptionally good deals on the pre-owned market.

The 2018 Ford Escape is the new evolution of the small SUV, and is in the middle of the cars mid-cycle refresh since 2014 when it was introduced.

With updated styling and engineering tunes, the 2018 Ford Escape and Ford Escape hybrid try to align themselves better with competition from Honda, Toyota, GM and others in the area.

While there is no concept or redesign in sight just yet, the latest model holds its ground fairly well.

Fun Fact:  I got my first speeding ticket in a Ford Escape!

The Specs-2018 Ford Escape: 


Vehicle Type: Midsize SUV
Power Plant: 2.5 L 4-cyl/2.0 L turbo 4-cyl / 1.5 L T 4-cyl.
Gearbox: 7-speed automatic
Power: 170-250 HP
MPG: Up to 30 Highway/23 City 
Torque: 170 Lb-ft – 275 lb-ft.
Length: 178 Inches
Width: 72 Inches
Height: 66 Inches
Wheelbase: 105.9 Inches
Top Speed: 120 MPH
Seating: 5 Adults
0-60 MPH (0-120 KPH): 7.1 Seconds
Base Price: $24,500 (est).


The Exterior-2018 Ford Escape:

2018 Ford escape

Ford’s styling of the Escape SUV has always been on the drab side of things.  I know that nearly every car was ugly in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, but the Escape has always been a boxy thing for your child’s first car, or something to get you from A-B with good space inside.

As for the 2018 Ford Escape, we see a but more of a serious nature.  You can get all sorts of interesting colors (Ford’s favorite seems to be the sunburst metallic color with black rims) and specs.

Ford’s bull-nose grille up front makes a strong statement along with more aggressive air ducts than the original 2014 model that spawned this mid-cycle refresh.

The 2014 model was a bit more pointed up front than this new refresh, but its dog-like face looks good here.

2018 Ford Escape

Ford shaped the 2018 Ford Escape titanium in a more sporty fashion, making it look kind of like a Land Rover Range Rover Evoque.  A small, entry level SUV with a capable stance.  You might be pressed to call this a budget Range Rover.  As long as you get four wheel drive.

The rear tail lights have the exact same shape as the first generation in this model cycle.  However, the lighting arrangement has slightly changed with the addition of some circular element.

Overall, the sporty stature and capable styling of the 2018 Ford Escape is a winner.  I just wish they did more with the rear end,  but it is a mid-cycle refresh…Can’t get too excited.

The Interior-2018 Ford Escape: 

2018 Ford Escape

The inside of the Ford Escape has been as standard issue as car interiors get for a number of years, with no real effort to make it stand out or be bets it could.  However, the 2018 Ford Escape is thankfully a bit different.

I don’t see the inside aging well, but it is a good effort by Ford to bring things into a more stylish light.  Cheap materials aren’t littered everywhere like we’ve seen in other models, and things are laid out nicely.

I do like how tall the shifter is, it’s almost like a short shifter set up and really feels like you’re in control.

There have only really been small tweaks to the interior of the 2018 Ford Escape over the 2014 version before the mid-cycle refresh.  Mainly, the steering wheel is a different design than the last one.  Along with the steering wheel redesign, Ford reworked the button configuration on the center stack and air conditioning layout.

Overall, the 2018 Ford Escape has a slightly reworked interior that has the same general layout as the 2014 version.  It is sharp, but pretty stamped out in most cases.

The Performance-2018 Ford Escape:

With the available 1.6 L four cylinder engine, you won’t really beat anyone, but the 170 horsepower available is enough to actually give the Escape some pace.  While the engine is very easy to make it work hard/stress it out, keeping off the turbo isn’t hard to do.

The obvious upshot of having a small turbocharged engine is that you get upwards of 30 MPG on the highway.

To be better equipped, you’d be best off with the titanium trim level with the 2.0 L four cylinder turbo and AWD.  I know that will eat away at the good fuel economy out of the smaller engine, but to have a capable 2018 Ford Escape worthy of a “Budget Range Rover” nickname, that’s the way to go.

Sum It Up:

I loved my 2014 Ford Escape when I had it.  It was small and really felt great to drive.  The dynamics Ford designed for the 2014 Escape were fantastic.

The 2018 Ford Escape has a number of updates to it, and the styling is better off now.  While I’m not a fan of the tail light re-hashing, the rest of the car looks great and drives great.

The release date for the 2018 Ford Escape will be known in the Fall this year, and will start around $24,000.


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