Best midsize sedan

The midsize sedan segment is one of the most competitive and stockpiled car segments in the world.

Nearly every car manufacture for the mass market has a mid size family sedan for clientele.  It is the cookie cutter segment, perfect for pretty much anyone.  A balance between space, sport (in some cases), comfort and style.

It’s a very tough cookie to crack, and there is no perfect formula yet.  Every manufacture has an answer, and it really comes down to what the customer wants.

Each offering has it’s own spin on the popular silhouette, and something different for us consumers.

While this market segment has always been massive, we’ve seen upwards of 22% of a decline in sales over the last couple of months according to in a private study.

According to the website, the Volkswagen Passat and Mazda 6 which have been on a decline in 2016, started 2017 stronger than other models.

The main reason for the decline in sales can be much attributed to the huge spike in sales across the SUV segment.  Across the world, more and more people are buying SUV’s as the global economy improves and people have money to spend on the extra space.

Even with more people buying into the SUV market, the midsize sedan segment is still a prominent market and has plenty of buyers.

With that said, manufactures need more and more special features, updates and redesigns to win back customers.  Most manufactures are concerned with their SUV market since it is selling so much, but they need their roots (midsize sedan) to be strong as well.

This leads to the best midsize sedan for 2017 and 2018.  The choice, as always is not an easy one.

You have offerings from all different manufactures and again, each offers their own twist on the vehicle.

From Toyota to Ford, all the way to the sad story of the Chrysler 200.  There is really no wrong answer, but some are better than others.

Cue the Chrysler 200.

The most recent rendition of the sedan from Chrysler was a hit, from 2011.  The next generation though, is a different story.

The 2015 Chrysler 200 and up until the model was cancelled, was a horrendous thing both to drive and to sit in (in the back seat).  The roof line was terribly low and the space both for your head and legs suffered as well.

This midsize sedan segment also includes the big boys like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Genesis, Infiniti, Jaguar, Cadillac, Lincoln and the new Alfa Romeo.

With that said, it’s difficult to pick out the absolute best, but there will be some clear cars that are better than others.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class:

best midsize sedan

Let’s start with the big boys from Germany.

Mercedes 2017 C Class is their best midseize sedan.  The new C Class features the latest technology in passenger luxury and performance.  This is apparent right when you lay an eye on the thing.

For a midsize sedan, the pricing is a bit steep when compared to most cars in this class.  The 2017 Mercedes C-Class starts around $40,000, which places it high up the line as far as pricing even though it is a luxury sedan.

Mercedes offers the new C Class in a variety of trim levels and variants.  For example, you can have the standard sedan with four doors, the coupe variant, and the cabriolet variant.

Each type changes the exterior styling a bit, and fluctuates the price; The cabrio is the most expensive style priced around $50,000.

On top of that, Mercedes offers a number of trim levels for each car.  Ranging from C300 to C63 S.

The C63 has been around for a number of years, and I’m sure you might know a thing or two about the M3 fighting super sedan.

Mercedes offers the C63 in all variants, sedan, coupe and cabrio.  This beast of a car is made for those who love to smoke tires and have the sounds of thunder roar from the exhaust pipes.  AKA: Me.

The 2017 Mercedes C Class has something for everyone.  I want either an AMG C43 or a C450 AMG in my life ASAP.

In terms of styling, the C Class is probably one of the most beautiful offerings out there today.  Flashy, bold, and incredibly Mercedes.

 BMW 3 Series:

BMW has been making the 3 series since the 70’s.  The 3 Series has been the pinnacle and epitome of midsize sedans for most of the time it’s been in production, and rightfully so.

Starting around $34,000, The 3 Series is a bit more modestly priced than the Mercedes C-Class, but you do get a lot less flashy car for the drop in price.  But this is something BMW owners enjoy.

The BMW 3 Series is built like it has been made for 30+ years.  Incredibly refined.  The industry standard is now a 3 Series.

Styling is a bit more reclusive than the Mercedes, and the design ages well all the time.

I do complain that my new 3 Series doesn’t really feel very premium or upscale, but I have ton admit the car drives like nothing else.

With the available sport modes in the 3 Series, you can change how the car drives very dramatically.

Like the Mercedes, the 3 Series is offered in a few different styles.  Four door sedan, hatchback, wagon and the 4 Series Coupe.

The 4 Series is technically a different model and doesn’t really qualify here, but it is a spawn of the 3 Series.


best midsize sedan

Like the Mercedes AMG C63, BMW makes a hard core version of the 3 Series and you all know what it’s called.

The BMW M3 is as legendary as they come, and the current generation one is no exception.

While the M3 of today has received some criticism for having a smaller engine and being too computerized, there’s no denying it is still a fantastic car. It is quite new, but competitors are catching up as well.

The C63 from Mercedes is behind in performance metrics to the M3, but competition from Alfa Romeo and even Cadillac have been eating away at the M3’s crown.

I’m not worried though, since the M3 is bound to be updated with some insane improvements like it’s brother the M5, which will be on sale later next year.

The BMW 3 Series is still great, just a little plain for me at the moment.  But other customers love that, so I can’t complain.  If it works it works, right?

Audi A4:

best midsize sedan

Audi is just up there with the best in terms of midsize sedans.

Being owned by one of the largest automotive groups in the world (Volkswagen), Audi has access to the best engineers, parts, research and anything else money can buy.

That all combines to make expectations high.  With so much money and experience, the Audi A4 better be very, very good.

Audi recently redesigned the A4, and it looks exactly like every other Audi in the line up, which I have a problem with. But apparently no one else does so I guess I’ll just keep that to myself.

It is a very sharp vehicle both inside and out.  Audi updated all the systems inside the car and included Audi’s cool in-dashboard navigation so the driver can easily see where they’re going without looking away from the road much.

That technology is also available in Volkswagen’s.

The driving dynamics are great, materials are made with quality, and the styling is upscale.

Audi’s new A4 is actually even more invisible looking than the BMW 3 Series, which again doesn’t really interest me.

Cadillac ATS:

best midsize sedan

This is a bit of an aging style, but anyone who really knows cars and knows what’s good should mention the Cadillac ATS.

Often overlooked for the same reason people stopped buying Oldsmobile, Cadillac has some gems.

Cadillac has been trying to shake the whole “Grandpa car” thing for years now, and it is slowly but surely working.

The new Cadillac ATS drives the best out of any midsize sedan, period.

Available in either a sedan or coupe version, the Cadillac ATS brings fantastic driving dynamics and ample power to the American brand.  The only issue is the transmission and the muted engine.

The Cadillac ATS has absolutely no sound coming from the engine, which is a big shame.  On top of that, the transmission is just slow to shift.  That’s all.

Other than that, the ATS is near perfect to drive.  The interior does lack behind others in the segment for having an awful interface, but as a car, it’s great.

The ATS is aging, and should be due for a replacement or big update in 2018.

Ford Fusion:

best midsize sedan

The Ford Fusion a good looking car in high trim levels, and is one of the most popular cars out there.

It seems like everyone who had a Ford Taurus in High school, has a Ford Fusion now.

They are cheap, and lease cheap.  Plus they look mildly good, and that’s all anyone really asks for when they don’t necessarily know what else is out there.

Ford also makes the Fusion Sport, which was made to help boost more excitement sales for the Fusion.  But, the Sport version only gets very minor upgrades from the standard car.

The larger engine and quad exhaust pipes are the only real noticeable changes, and many point to it being fast in a straight line, and that’s it.

I can’t deny that the Fusion is a great choice for many people, which is why it sells so good.

Lexus IS:

Best midsize sedan

Lexus offers the IS, as they have for a number of years now.

The IS has grown with the company from a more dull and vanilla luxury sedan with a lot of amenities to a very sharp and youthful thing.

I do love the way the new Lexus IS looks.  Inside and out the Lexus designers really are working their magic on the entire lineup, making every car and SUV into one of the sharpest automobiles on the planet.

Lexus, in doing so, is the effective opposite of the designs we see at BMW and Audi.  They fill the void between looking luxurious and flamboyant and feeling upscale.

Lexus is effectively capturing the younger market strictly by designing cars like lunatics and I love it.

The only real issue is the fact that every Lexus besides the insane F models and the LC500 are severely under powered.

This is because Toyota owns Lexus.  And Toyota is known for having very weak engines compared to others.  They just don’t really care about high power.  Which is why Lexus-made engines are so much more potent.

In order for Lexus to keep up with the competition from Germany and even American soil, Lexus needs to offer more power.

The same thing goes for Infiniti, which for some reason think it’s okay to offer a sports coupe with 207 horsepower.  Immediate turnoff.

Chevrolet Malibu:

Best midsize sedan

Even with a lacking list of standard features and performance, the 2018 Chevrolet Malibu is one of the best midsized sedans on the market.  Shocking, right?

A long list of available features, large interior space, good infotainment and a great new nine speed automatic transmission make up the highlights of the new Malibu.

Even though the base model doesn’t really feature much to talk about, the upgraded LS trim for $1,500 more offers a ton more, making it worth the spike.

Best Cars 2017:

The best sedans for 2017 is a more personal choice, but as far as value and quality goes, the Chevrolet Malibu LS is one of the best out there.

Even though I hate the commercials with all my heart, you can’t deny a good car when you see one.


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