Subaru Crosstek

Subaru has a long, long history of making some fantastic cars.  That is really the reason why the Japanese automaker has been around for so long.

While Subaru doesn’t have the same draw as Italian exotic car makes like sexy names, big power and F1 history, they have their own draw.

Subaru’s cars are reliable, safe, efficient and still retain a fantastic cult following on some models. The WRX and STi are great examples.  More recently, the BRZ has all the young people talking.

The Subaru Legacy is a great full size sedan, the Impreza is great as a midsize cruiser, the Crosstrek is a capable little SUV and the Forester is much the same.  Every car in the lineup serves a purpose and does it well for years an years.

Subaru has been focusing its efforts on the safety and reliability of their cars to turn in customers into showrooms, and this is working well.  Since their claims of being the best in those categories is backed up in practice.

Ever since I was about 10 years old, I;ve had a very soft spot for the older Subaru WRX STi’s from the early 2000’s.

I have a model of the rally car from 2002 that Subaru used in the navy blue color and yellow decals.  I love the car and I do want to own one one day…I don’t care what condition it’s in, I just want a 2002 WRX.


That’s the appeal of these cars.  Nostalgic.  Even though I completely trashed the model car I had (which makes me sad…It’s missing a wheel), the car itself has a special place in my heart.

While I obviously can’t say the same thing for the Subaru Crosstek, I’m sure there are people out there who can.  People get all soft about their Subaru’s.  Just like me, who told my dad I wanted to work for Subaru when I got older.  I’m not kidding.

The Crosstek to me is like a good old reliable golden retriever in car form. It’s adventurous, loyal, dependable, slobbers a lot, and just loves you.

The current Crosstek hasn’t been redesigned since 2013, but it seems like the puppy is getting a good redesign coming soon.

The new Subaru Crosstek is a concept car right now, but there is a lot of promise in the framework here.

As of right now, the Crosstek is Subaru’s most popular model, and since the car is aging Subaru did what most car manufactures do when they have an aging vehicle.  And that is introduce some new special editions.

For 2016, the Crosstek special edition only came in two colors: black or red.  The edition came with a number of goodies on the interior too, with a tune of $26,670 as the MSRP for one.

The out going base Subaru Crosstek has an MSRP of $22,570 making it very reasonable for the four-wheeled companion you got.

As for standard equipment, you got a 5 speed manual transmission, all wheel drive, a touchscreen display, a 2.0 L four cylinder flat four engine, 148 HP and blue tooth connectivity.

For 2018, the Subaru Crosstek is getting a big update, as it should.

The Specs-Subaru Crosstek:

Vehicle Type: Crossover
Powertrain: 2.0L Flat-Four (Est.)
Gearbox: 6-speed man. , 6 speed auto (est.)
Power: 160 HP (est.)
MPG: 34 Highway, 26 City
Torque: 150 Lb-Ft. (est.)
Length: 177.9 Inches (4.51 Meters)
Width: 75.9 Inches (1.92 Meters)
Height: 61.8 Inches (1.57 Meters)
Top Speed: 150 MPH (241.4 KPH) EST.
Seating: 4-7
Wheelbase: 105.1 Inches (2.66 Meters)
0-60 MPH (0-120 KPH): 10.3 Sec.
Base Price: $24,000-$30,000 EST.


The Exterior-Subaru Crosstek:

Subaru Crosstek

The new Subaru Crosstek looks like a lot of fun.  As the SUV has always been.  For years and in the current generation, the car looks like a loyal dog that wants to play fetch.  This is the perfect match for what the Subabru Corsstek has as a personality.

For the styling of the new car, we get a very refreshed look which looks tasteful.  However, the new car doesn’t look as prepared as the previous model for a trip through mud and rock.  However, the new Crosstek maintains an eager face and pointed ears.

The plastic trim around the wheel wells help the Crosstek look more capable, which is welcome.  It is here on the fenders where most of that capable look from the previous car is retained.

I do hope that the styling of the concept car we see at many auto shows stays for the production car.

All too often we see amazing looking concept cars (which is why they’re called concepts) make a show out of themselves, and fall flat on the production model.

I could make a whole article about concepts that look nothing like the production model, which is sad.

The main disconnect comes from the fact that concept cars are completely unhinged and don’t have any rules to abide by.

Whereas production cars have the luxury of having to adhere to every road law that severely limits what you can do design wise.  I can’t think of a bigger buzzkill.

Anyway, I do hope that the new Crosstek does retain something more important than the styling to a lot of people, the price.

As with any concept car, we won’t see the insane tires and rims we see on the concept in the production model.  Fair enough.

Subaru Crosstek

With all the modern styling and upgrades, I do hope that Subaru keeps the price point as reasonable as it is on the current model.

The Crosstek has been known for being a capable yet affordable crossover that almost seems like it’s in a class of its own.

If Subaru can make this new Crosstek as capable as the last (if not more) and make it as affordable as the last model, we have a winner.

Subaru’s as I said, have never really been head turners, unless some kid decided to take off the muffler and thunder down the street sounding like a fart can.

While I love the STi, it’s just the nature of the brand.  That’s all.

This new Crosstek could either pull Subaru in a completely different direction, or be scrapped in favor of a dialed down version, as we see from Subaru most often.

Regardless of how they handle this, Subaru will have it’s hands full with a good decision to make.  But I think the final product will be sharp.

The Interior-Subaru Crosstek:

Subaru Crosstek

Subaru interior’s all seem to have the same kind of design and language on the inside as each other.

This is okay, but it makes distinguishing between the models hard.  Another issue is with the language on the inside itself.

Subaru interior’s never really impress either.  They all seem a bit stuck together from the parts bin in the factory.  This isn’t a huge problem however because Subaru isn’t a luxury style-focused brand.

They’re more do the job, and that’s all. But, the interior of their cars are never convincing. I guess you could call them “focused”.

Subaru Crosstek

The Crosstek is much the same as the other models in Subaru’s line up.  While there are a ton of mock ups and different artist renderings all over the internet, none really paint anything accurate.

As for  the redesigned Crosstek, I expect something more fun.  The current generation is just bland.

In the spirit of keeping costs down, I understand why the current car isn’t a tech-fest.  You get a navigation screen, air conditioning controls, easy to understand gauges and a simple layout.

I’m sure that that is all Subaru wanted or needed, but customers get pretty picky, so an update should be in order.

Again my main concern is that the cost remains similar to the current model for the new one.

It is hard to really know anything for sure at this point, but we may be in good hand with Subaru.  I trust that they know what they are doing, since the now previous generation of the car was a surprise success for the brand.

We should expect the new Subaru Crosstek and Crosstek hybrid to seat five passengers comfortably, as the current version does.

There should also be plenty of cargo space in the back for your tent and other things you take with you camping in your big doggy car.

Performance-Subaru Crosstek:  

Subaru Crosstek

Subaru is never really keen to break performance records in any of their cars, besides MAYBE the WRX STi.

Other than that, between the BRZ, Forester, Legacy, Crosstrek, and all other Subaru’s you don’t really get much of a punch.

Case in point here is the Crossteks powerplant.  A 2.0 L flat four cylinder engine is standard, but it produces a bit more power than the previous or current car.

The new updated engine should improve to 160 horsepower and 150 pound feet of torque.

I know that those figures aren’t really impressive, but we see that the current one with less power can still handle itself nicely.

I can only hope that the new Subaru Crosstek has a bit more in terms of performance, since the platform that the Crosstek is based on is such a good one and could really make for a special off-roader.

With all of that said, I know I love big power and big figures, but the Crosstek doesn’t necessarily need it.

At least 200 HP.  I think with 200 horses under the hood, Subaru will have a serious contender on their hands.


There should be a hybrid option for the Subaru Crosstek in the future as well, and all wheel drive will remain standard across all models, which I love. Instead of paying a premium for four wheel drive, Subaru hands it to you.  Brilliant.

We’ve heard from sources that it is difficult for the Crosstek to get up to highway speeds since it is under powered, the Crosstek won’t move with any type of urgency.

On top of that, it seems the CVT transmission which is available doesn’t really work as well as it should.  Which is the last thing you need in a slow car.

However, since the Crosstek is based on the Impreza, handling is great.  The chassis, as I said is a good one and Subaru just need MORE POWER to make it as good as it can get.  That’s all.  Maybe an interior redesign as well.

Sum It Up:

I’ll reiterate what I said before: Subaru makes fantastic cars.  I have always loved the WRX STi and I definitely want one one day.

The new model and model range doesn’t get me as excited as it used to, as the old STi’s had recent history behind them and were just so special.

The new models seem to be a bit of a shadow of where Subaru’s once were, and that is sad.

I long for the return of powerful Subaru’s with rally history and capability.  Those were the glory days.  The Crosstek, I know, won’t be the hero in shining armor at all, but I wish.

Even though the Crosstek won’t save us, it can be better.

I hope that Subaru learns to put at least a bit more power into their engines, because that will definitely bring in more customers.  Between the Crosstek and every other model, we just need more.

The new Subaru Crosstek should have a starting price around $25,000 and should be released later this year as a 2018 model.



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