BMW 8 Series

The BMW 6 Series coupe has been around for six years now.

It seemingly was one of the most popular variants of the 6 Series, and definitely had the “big, luxurious coupe” vibe about it.  A very BMW machine.  And in typical BMW fashion, the starting price was pretty…exclusive.

The 6 Series coupe has kind of fallen under the radar with all of the cars in BMW’s line up being called coupes which are not actually coupes.  This seems to be okay though since a lot of manufactures are guilty of this practice.

This is what set the car apart since it was actually a true coupe.

BMW’s 6 Series is based on the now previous generation 5 Series sedan which, like I said is now outdated.

On top of this, we’ve heard of BMW wanting to reduce some rather pointless models in their line up.  Which doesn’t really make sense when you think they could have gotten rid of the 6 Series Gran Coupe.

But they instead axed the 6 Series (real) Coupe. I guess the market is weird though, otherwise we wouldn’t see so many odd models come out with contrasting names.

As far as I know, BMW will still make the Gran Coupe and convertible for the time being, but BMW has killed off the 6 Series Coupe.  And very quietly done so.

The final production was actually ended in February, which was surprising to nearly everybody.

Dealers still seem to have the car new on the lots, but it is unclear if BMW would build a new one if a customer requested it.

BMW may also discontinue the the 6 Series and its other variants soon, as the new platform for the 2017 5 Series is out and I’m sure it under development.  The German’s do let their cars sit in the line up for a long time before they get redesigned, so we may need to wait a year or two.

The midsize luxury coupe segment has shrunken to pretty much just the Mercedes-Benz E-Class coupe now.

The 8 Series:

BMW revealed a car we kind of saw coming from spy shots for a couple of months prior at the shores of Lake Como this year.  It is called the 8 Series, which for the time being remains a concept car.  Though it is slated to be a production car for the 2018 model year (which is pretty soon).

The Bavarian’s are now focusing more on the 8 Series coupe, which is based on the 7 Series and you can kind of tell how exclusive that will be.

The 8 Series will be larger than the 6 Series was and has had rumors of having a starting price around $100,000.

BMW has placed a lot of emphasis on the new 8 Series, which is a name plate we haven’t seen in around twenty years.

So why is BMW bringing the big coupe back in a time where everyone is getting an SUV?

While the car is based on the 7 Series, BMW is looking for the purpose of the car to be a good driving car.   Kind of a return to form for the company.

The point of the BMW 8 Series is to return to  BMW’s root cause: to be a performance car with the “style of a gentleman” (from BMW’s website).

8 Series looks like it has all of the ingredients to make it happen as well.  It is very low to the ground with aggressive styling and a beautiful silhouette.  A proper GT car.

On top of this, BMW also confirmed there will be an M8 to go along with the 8 Series.  The M8 is set to debut during the Rolex 24 Hour in January 2018 which means we’ll get the 8 Series much sooner than that.

Power Plants:

As for what could be under the hood of the new BMW 8 Series, we have to look at what the 7 Series offers since they are largely the same car underneath.

The BMW 740i offers a twin-turbo charged inline-six cylinder engine and the 750i offers a twin-tubro V8 engine so both may be a likely candidate.  expect horsepower figures to be around the same 400-500 numbers as the 7 Series.

Also worth mentioning is that the BMW 8 Series will serve as BMW’s flagship vehicle, so we might even see some insane twin-turbo V12 engine in either some sort of 860 or the M8.  But if I can make a prediction, the video of the car going around the ‘ring does seem more like a V8.

I imagine rear wheel drive will be standard as it should be, and X-Drive will be optional.

The new BMW M5 has some very cool technology for all wheel drive capabilities to be switched off, and rear wheel drive to be selected.  It’s possible we could see that same system in the 8 Series, if not the M8.  I don’t think BMW would skip out on that technology on their flagship.

As for transmissions, a ZF made eight speed automatic will most likely provide service.

The 8 Series isn’t made to replace the 6 Series coupe by any means, but I’m the sure the limited availability of coupes in the brands line up will help sell the 8 Series better.  Even if it is crazy expensive.

Expect the 8 Series to go up against Bentley’s Continental, Lexus’ LC500 and the Mercedes S-Class Coupe.




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