Lexus’ designs in recent times are pretty polarizing.  I do like how Lexus designs their cars, but I can see why people would think they’re ugly.

What I and many other people like is how aggressive the cars are designed with all kinds of wire and veins and sharp angles.  I like that a lot.

The issue that people draw from Lexus’ design is the face of them.  And I can see why it’s an issue.

Upfront on modern Lexus vehicles you’re greeted with this massive mouth with mandibles like the famous movie/comic book monster Predator.  A lot of people are put off by the new face of Lexus’ and some even call them straight up ugly.

I thought this was funny.

The Predator thing is kind of un-seeable and I get what they’re saying.  But I do like a lot of other parts of Lexus’ design.  For example, the new LC500 is gorgeous.

Lexus by far has the most daring designs in their segment.  While you (and I) can argue that Mercedes or BMW or Audi or now even Alfa Romeo may be more beautiful choices, you can say that Lexus is still very adventurous with how they do things.

This rings very true for their concepts cars too.  Every concept car that comes out by Lexus is this orgy of slashes, creases, mandibles and sharp angles.

And that is no different from the newest addition: The Lexus UX.  The craziest looking coupe/crossover/sports thing I’ve ever seen.

The Specs-Lexus UX:


Vehicle Type: Concept Crossover
Power Plant: Not Yet Available
Gearbox: Not Yet Available
Power: Not Yet Available
MPG: Not Yet Available
Torque: Not Yet Available
Length: Not Available
Width: Not Available
Height: Not Available
Wheelbase: Not Available
Top Speed: Not Available
Seating: Not Yet Available
0-60 MPH (0-120 KPH): Not Available
Base Price: Not Yet Available



The Lexus UX is described on as a design “…built on two axioms – a futuristic, ‘inside-out’ which creates a strong synergy between exterior and interior styling, and a ‘deconstruction’ element that harnesses elegant geometry to imply design features.”

I’m sure if you’re into design, that makes perfect sense.

I can kind of see the ‘deconstruction’ part of it though.

Anyway, the Lexus designers definitely had fun on this one.  The UX is an assortment of craziness with two doors, massive tires and the most insane seating design I’ve ever seen.  Lexus calls it the “Lexus Kinetic Seat Concept” and honestly whatever that looks like in your head, is probably accurate.

The UX made its debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, which was meant to showcase Lexus’ vision for the compact SUV of the future.  I imagine this whole project has something to do with the massive SUV / Crossover market boom that has been occurring for years.

If that’s the case, the Lexus UX is really something new.  We’ve been spammed with the same SUV styling for years from pretty much any manufacture and something like the UX is refreshing to see.

I don’t think the UX specifically would work very well as it is so radical, but maybe in the future.

The Exterior-Lexus UX: 

Lexus UX

Lexus’ design is very recognizable.  The gaping and sharp mouth is one feature, but the headlights, mirrors and shoulders all share some similar characteristics on them.  I like the current Lexus design language, even if it means the big mandibles.

I spent some time looking at the UX up and down, and could not decide where to start talking.

There is so much going on with the UX design that even finding one cohesive line on the body work is hard.

Up front, we have the usual massive front spindle grille that dawns nearly every Lexus model.  It’s a trademark now.

The front end also has vertical fog lights and Lexus’ most insane looking head light assembly I’ve seen.   I thought the LC500 assembly was cool but the UX is just crazy.

Lexus UX

Inside of those vertical fog lights are some crazy looking vents.  They are horizontal fins that form an air intake that presumably forms air around the wheels.  Aerodynamics.

The headlights are incredibly sharp and form the entire front end around them.  Striking.

They feature that arrow shape that all Lexus’ exhibit these days as well.  The one that extends from the main cluster and shoots into the spindle of the grille.

Just behind the headlights, Lexus shaped insane shoulders around the massive tires.  They are bulky, aggressive and shaped like no other.

Honestly looking at the front end of the Lexus UX kind of makes my head hurt.  Moving on.

Other Angles:

From the side of the Lexus UX, there are more insane lines and creases to talk about.

Both the front and rear wheel arches are bordered by what looks like fender covers that go with and add to the shape of the UX. Boxy with sharp edges.

Looking at the UX directly from the side kind of hides how flared out the fenders are.  Especially the rear ones.

The UX has a very low roof line and long hood that adds to that coupe-like style that Lexus was going for (partially).

Toward the back of the UX, you can see more outlandish shapes.  I can’t really get into this because I think I’ll just confuse you trying to explain what I see.  So I’ll just have you look at it and stay vague while describing it.

The whole rear end design comes to a nice focal point even if the proportions are a bit… chubby.

Overall the design of the Lexus UX concept is just as concept cars usually are.  Ridiculous and over the top as ever.  But, recently Lexus announced that the UX would actually go into production.

I’m not sure how an SUV like this will actually make production and meet all the hefty requirements by the government and such, but it sure seems like Lexus is serious.

The Interior-Lexus UX: 

Lexus UX interior

Before we look at the inside of the Lexus UX, just remember that all concept car interiors are always all ridiculous.

That being said, it’s always interesting to see what manufactures can come up with.

Lexus stepped things up in the UX.  In a big way.

The doors open traditionally in the front, but the back seats can be accessed by a suicide-door opening.  That alone is enough of a show.

When you open the doors to the UX, you are greeted with an onslaught of sharpness and seats that are just…unique.

The steering wheel is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.  If you don’t look at it straight on, it just looks like a mangled mess of metal.

:exus UX steering wheel

The dashboard is a cluster of shapes and weaves of suede and leather.  With all sorts of angles and odd shapes.  It barely makes sense but I love it.

Lexus incorporated three screens on the inside of the UX.  One for the drivers instrument cluster, one for what looks like the main entertainment display and one that is angled to the driver and I’m not really sure what it does.

The Seats:

Now let’s talk about the seating situation.

Lexus calls the seats inside the UX the “Lexus Kinetic Seat Concept”.  I’m not sure what the goal of this seating technology is, but I’m sure it accomplishes whatever Lexus wants it to.  I can’t say they look very comfy though.

It looks like the concept is made up of a seat frame, and the cushioning (which would usually be padding or leather or something) is actually this weaved material straight from Mars (not serious).

It is manipulated in a way to form support for your body.  I have no idea how this works or how comfortable it might be, but it is definitely cool looking.  Plus, it looks like this concept for seating would be much lighter than a traditional seat.

I see the benefits for such a seat to be in super cars where weight is held to an absolute minimum.  I think the Lexus Kinetic system would be best suited there.

The Performance-Lexus UX:

The Lexus UX is a concept vehicle, so we don’t really know what exactly would be powering it.  Or what wheels will be driven.  Or what is underneath the body work at all.

However, since Lexus said they will actually produce the UX (that could change at any time) we can half-assume what Lexus might do.

The UX may feature some form of their four cylinder or six cylinder engine.  Lexus is scratching the surface of forced induction, so seeing a turbocharged option is possible too.

Since the car is all about the future, a possible full-electric model or some sort of hybrid is probably more likely.  You can’t have seats like that without it being powered by some black magic.

I anticipate the Lexus UX to be standard with all wheel drive given how off-road the design looks.  A vehicle that looks like that without all wheel drive is kind of counter intuitive.

Sum It Up: 

The Lexus UX follows the tradition of concept cars being designed in insane fashion.  And that’s absolutely fine.

The thing that really peaks my interest is that Lexus said they want to produce the UX.  In my eyes, it would put Lexus in its own special market segment and help them pave the way with such insane tech.

But that’s of course if they actually keep most of the design and technology from the concept into the production version.  Something that is much easier said than done.

In the end we have no idea when the UX should be released.  My guess is as good as yours but something this impressive is easily five years out.  Just my two cents.

What do you think?




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