New Jaguar I Pace with the sleek design

British car maker Jaguar Land Rover is going all out to carve out a chunk in the electric car market. The brand has introduced the Jaguar I Pace in a bid to wrest the market away from competitors like Tesla who have cornered the electric car segment.

Per the spy shots and information about the prototype unveiled in Los Angeles, this new Jaguar electric car will be a crossover SUV, blending innovative design with traditional British car making values.

Jaguar I Pace with clear roof
The majesty of the Jaguar I Pace

We take a look at the exterior of the car, as well as the performance and interior of the car. Altogether, these are on course to set the street alight for those who prefer their SUVs as quiet and environmentally friendly as possible.

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The Jaguar I Pace Exterior Design

This baby from a marque British auto maker is bound to get anyone drooling. The I Pace looks like it jumped out of the future to come and give the present a tidbit of what the cars over there look like.

From afar, one cannot help but admire the aerodynamic styling of this electric monster. There are sharp lines all over the bodywork, ensuring that the car cuts through all that drag when on the road.

Sleek design of the Jaguar I Pace
Sharp lines in conjunction with curves make for an aerodynamic design

The front of the crossover SUV is reminiscent of both the C-X75 concept and the F Pace. Without the encumbrance of an engine, the designers have been given leeway, letting their imaginations run wild and come up with a design that fits well into the dimensions. The crossover SUV is 4.7 meters long and 1.9 meters wide.

The front of the car presents a gritty mien, with slanted slit for headlights that hearken back to the impressive F Pace. The latticework intake grill shoots the air out of the pocket on the hood. This then travels up the gentle incline of the windscreen, which is fused to the see-through roof. This feature makes for a continuous aesthetic till the rear.

Put together, the design team left nothing on the table when making the I Pace. This Jaguar is really something to fall in love with at first sight.

Under the hood of the Jaguar electric car

Of course there is nothing under the hood in terms of engine. The I Pace is purely electric; a first for the British car maker. Jaguar developed Lithium ion pouch batteries and installed them along the floor of the car. This 90kWh battery pack supplies the electric motors and the also gives stability to the car by virtue of its placement.

This battery pack can be fully recharged in a space of two hours from a 50kWh DC socket.

Placement of the Jaguar I Pace
The battery pack runs along the floor, connected to the electric motors.

Regarding the electric motors, the folks at Jaguar place one at the front and back, running each of the axles independently of the other. This then ensures that there is all round all wheel control, with each wheel getting as much power as it needs in any given situation.

From each of the motors, one can expect around 200 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. In unison this comes around to 400 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. Like with many electric cars, acceleration is nearly instant. The Jaguar I Pace goes from 0 to 62 in 4 seconds and can cover 200 miles on a single charge.

The Interior

Getting into the inside of this Jaguar electric car is like entering another dimension altogether. One is ensconced in a feeling of luxury and the silence within accentuates it. There is no rumble of the engine, but a muted whirring of the motors as the car sets off and when it slows down.

The plush, leather bound seats are a marvel to sink into as well as behold; with the Jaguar paw prints stitched into the leather. On you settle into the seats, you are faced with a trio of screens. Two of these are 12 inch touchscreens whereas the other measures 5.5 inches.

Futuristic design of the Jaguar I Pace interior
Continuous windscreen gives an extended view.

One of the two big screens possesses the controls whereas the other makes up the hovering central console.

Absence of a traditional drivetrain also means that there is enough space in the interior for those with long limbs to feel very comfortable during the ride.


  • Wheelbase: unknown
  • Length: 4700mm
  • Width: 1900mm
  • Max Speed: not yet known
  • 0-60 mph: 4 seconds
  • Passenger volume: 4 passengers
  • Storage volume: 530 liters in the rear trunk, 28 liters front trunk
  • Curb weight: unknown
  • MPG (miles per gallon) for both city and highway: N/A
  • Available exterior colors: not yet known
  • Towing capacity: unknown

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Jaguar I Pace Price and Release Date

The Jaguar is expected to eat a £60,000 hole in your account. It is slated to be released in March of 2018, right after the Geneva Motor Convention winds up.




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