2017 Subaru XV Crosstrek side view silhouette

Subaru is renowned for making cars that bring plenty of character to the street as well as the off-road. With a distinct sound quality emanating from the hood, more than a fair share of people have dreamed of sitting behind the wheel of one and being responsible for that sound. The 2017 Subaru XV Crosstrek steps forward as one that would tick all the boxes.

When the Subaru XV Crosstrek concept was introduced in 2016, the adrenaline rush kicked in and the countdown began to when the Japanese car maker would make this dream a reality in the showrooms and dealerships.

Fitted with elegant interiors and refined but rugged exterior, this latest offering from Subaru does more than sate the appetite.

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Exterior of the 2017 Subaru XV Crosstrek

The exterior of the XV really does make the jaw drop in admiration. The subcompact crossover is designed to perfection, incorporating sleek lines and gentle curves to put aerodynamics and aesthetics under one umbrella.

The front of the car oozes a gritty character that is ready to handle anything thrown its way. The light cluster fans back and licks across the first inches of the side. The front end of this is pointed at the lower corner, bringing off a determined squint.

The bumper is rounded forward, and contains a large and boxy niche in which the fog lights are placed. The honeycomb grille is adorned with the Subaru starred badge on a band of chrome. Taken together with the roof rails, this brings off the aforementioned gritty mien.

The rear takes on a rounded out shape, and is reminiscent of the Impreza, the car on which the new Subaru XV 2017 takes its design cues. There is nothing much to write home about the rear of this crossover. The aesthetics do not stand out that much.


The folks over at Subaru installed the same engine in the XV Crosstrek. This 2.0 liter 4 cylinder heart is at the center of things in the car. Despite its diminutive size, the engine does plenty to hold its own among the competition in this segment.

The engine is capable of delivering 148 horsepower and 145 pound feet of torque. It is mated to a 5 speed manual transmission gearbox in a bid to make use of these horses. For those not comfortable with driving stick, Subaru offers a continuous variable transmission (CVT) option.

For the CVT option, changing gears is handled by the pair of paddles behind the steering wheel. Despite these numbers and quirks, some of the competition does edge ahead by offering more powerful options for engine.

All doors open on 2017 Subaru XV Crosstrek

Nevertheless, the 2017 Subaru XV Crosstrek is ideal for occasional rush of adrenaline in the city and somewhere off-road given its all-wheel drive and 8.7 inches of ground clearance.

Interior of the 2017 Subaru XV Crosstrek

The interior of the new XV is spacious enough to ensure a comfortable ride. There is enough leg room for tall individuals, especially at the front. The rear also has enough headroom despite the sloping roof seen from outside.

The two tone seats are in a bucket style, taking on the demeanor of sporting seats – something that Subaru does so excellently. The offer excellent comfort and make the ride more than relaxed even during those off-road detours.

In the driver’s seat, you find yourself staring at a beautifully crafted steering wheel. This sports three chrome lined spokes that adds a rugged feel to the chic interior. Though not decked out in the highest quality wood and premium leather, the XV Crosstrek sports top notch plastics over the dashboard.

Interior of 2017 XV Crosstrek with two tone seats

The technology on display is impressive. There is a 6.2 inch screen in the base models, with an optional 7 incher if you have the scratch to upgrade. This is linked to the Starlink infotainment system which connects to both Android and iOS devices.

The base models of the new XV have four speakers to provide surround sound. You can upgrade to 6 in the premium models if you need your sound to be more encompassing.

2017 Subaru XV Crosstrek Dimensions and Specs

  • Wheelbase: 103.7 inches
  • Length: 175.2 inches
  • Width: 70.1 inches
  • Max Speed: not known
  • 0-60 mph: not known
  • Passenger volume: 97.5 cubic feet
  • Storage volume: 22.3 cubic feet
  • Curb weight: 3109 pounds
  • MPG (miles per gallon) for both city and highway: 23mpg city | 30mpg highway
  • Available exterior colors: dark gray metallic, venetian red pearl, crystal black silica, ice silver metallic, crystal white pearl, quartz blue pearl, desert khaki, hyper blue.
  • Towing capacity: 1500 pounds

Cargo area of 2017 Subaru XV Crosstrek

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Price and Release Date

The manufacturer recommends a price of $29,695 for the 2017 Subaru XV Crosstrek. It came into the outside world at a premier at the end of 2016 and available in 2017.


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